Refitech BV is specialised in the development and serial production of industrial components of carbon- and glassfiber composites. As a highly certified niche player (ISO 9001:2000), we focus on innovative, high-performance solutions for various technical products such as UAV components. Combining engineering, design, quality testing, sub-assembly, serial production and documentation services, Refitech is a one-stop shop for composite components.
Our industrial customers operate in the following markets: automated handling systems, machine and equipment building, UAV systems and aerospace, as well as in the medical, petrochemical and nautical sectors.


Together with Aircraft Traders we have developed the lightweight UAV frame which is produced from glassfiber material for the fuselage and carbonfiber sandwich structure for the wings.
All parts are made in aluminium moulds and produced from high grade prepreg composites to perform in rough environmental conditions. Within the wings we have integrated carbonfiber pockets to mount the airbrakes and electronical servo’s for adjusting the wing flaps. .


Refitech employs around 30 people where our headquarters are in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. Besides that we have our own production plant in Ningbo, China, from which we serve both European and Asian customers in various industrial markets.
In addition to offering tailored solutions for several product-market combinations, Refitech also has a unique and comprehensive range of standardised composite profiles, panels and connectors in various sizes for many different applications.