The GUARDIAN Eye is equipped with the AIRELECTRONICS autopilot. Airelectronics provides a whole system for the UAV flight from the autopilot to the simulator.
The products start with the autopilot (U-Pilot), which is the 'brain' of the UAV. To control the autopilot, the ground system is composed of the Ground Hardware (U-Ground), that provides the link to the Autopilot and the Ground Software(U-See), that allows the user to interact with the system.


New flight mode available for fixed wing UAVs. In case the UAV is flying near a thermal, the variometer on the U-See software will show to the user the amount of extra energy present on the atmosphere, just click a button and the UAV will start turning and using this extra energy to climb. The more the UAV climb the le ss throttle it will command until it will command 0% throttle.
This mode is useful for example to: keep the UAV flying while waiting for some event to happen, gain altitude and glide to travel saving battery, make and observation of the terrain with no battery consumption. This maneuver is fully automatic and does not need any human intervention, the UAV can fly for several hours!!
Even in a windy day the UAV will automatically follow the thermal with the wing .


Airelectronics introduces a new tool for the electric UAVs in Fixed Wing.That tool allows the User to closely monitor the usage of the battery.
It is possible to monitor in real time the amount of Throttle commanded to the engine, the main battery voltage, and the amperage consumed by the system.
Analysing all this data the user can know with an error less than 3% the amount of consumed battery. Because of this new tool, it is possible to get more power from the batteries and to increase the total endurance of the mission.
The operator can also make a graph in real time of the Wattage of the engine vs the Indicated Air Speed of the plane.
It is easy to analyse the performance of the engine, of the propeller and to check any aerodynamical change on the UAV.