Our different missions


Wildlife crime is an epidemic and sweeping the planet. Illegal trafficking of wildlife is now one of the world’s largest criminal industries with far reaching effects. These animals are high target species and most difficult to protect, as poachers will go to the most extreme lengths in order to kill them. Coupled with sophisticated EO/IR sensors and mission specific payloads Guardian Eye can help protect and conserve the worlds natural heritage from decimation and eventual extinction. Also, AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM s.a. contracted last year SMARTMEUP, a French company, specialized in the face recognition, to develop a software operating on board in flight able to make the inventory of different types of animals in a certain area, detects and follows suspicious vehicles out of unauthorized routes, etc.…


One of its many applications is off-shore patrolling of fishing waters. When fitted with a high resolution multi-spectral camera, The Guardian Eye can help locate and identify potential illegal vessels in territorial waters. The data gathered by the UAV is relayed in real time to the controlling authorities, providing early warning and prompt interception of the potential targets. An important contract will be signed by AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM with the Togolese authorities is the survey of the port of Lomé in Togo where many vessels are accosted in secured area waiting the access to their destination port.


Concerns of security and safety are increasing across the globe. This in turn is creating an exponential demand in companies looking to incorporate UAV in their security protocols. These aircraft are typically lower cost and quicker to deploy over the traditional helicopter crews and they can also be quickly modified for different missions. The Guardian Eye is typically designed for its endurance performance offering survey long duration missions specially for borders and critical areas like dams, military camps, refugees camps, nuclear turbines, industrial areas, …


Additional information can also be provided when integrated with EO/IR and Thermal Imaging sensors. Dangerous locations such as canyons, cliffs and mountainous regions can be safely navigated without threat to manned aircraft pilots and at a much lower cost of operation.


Providing real time information and imagery is critical to power restoration following a storm or natural disaster. Having this information allows ground crews to make informed decisions and execute fast, accurate and safe repairs. The Guardian Eye’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems have interchangeable sensors and payloads that can be used to effectively monitor transmission lines, insulators, transformers and any land encroachment which might affect safe operation of equipment.


Natural or manmade disasters create severe challenges for both emergency services and first responders. Areas with no roads and environmental challenges can appear insurmountable yet Guardian Eye’s UAV are capable of providing mapping, terrain data, act as radio relays and provide critical payload delivery.