Standard Basic Equipments on Board

AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM’s Guardian Eye has fiberglass fuselage and carbon fiber wings (2.20 m fixed wingspan) with a 5 to 6 hours’endurance with Lipo batteries and solar cells energy at 25 knots cruise speed. The U.A.V. offers a payload around 2.250 Kg with a range of 15 to 20 km using the 2.4Mhz radio frequency or 3G/4G with a range as coverage provides (unlimited in 3G/4G coverage) controlled with dual portable touchscreen displays at the ground station. The Guardian Eye provides fully autonomous take-off and landing and is sealed against rain and snow. Other advanced features include: target tracking, electronic stabilization, scene steering, real-time mosaicking, path track software, as well as video on the map.

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The products start with the autopilot (U-Pilot), which is the 'brain' of the UAV. To control the autopilot, the ground system is composed of the Ground Hardware (U-Ground), that provides the link to the Autopilot.

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AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM will be integrating Streambox Avenir Drone mobile encoder and embedded modem module hardware into its Guardian Eye unmanned aerial vehicle……

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The Solar Solution Solar power technology has improved dramatically over the years. Alta Devices has developed an extremely lightweight, flexible, and thin, gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cell…..



Refitech BV is specialised in the development and serial production of industrial components of carbon- and glassfiber composites. As a highly certified niche player (ISO 9001:2000)...


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Always looking for renewal, please discover our range of drone. Each of our drone is based on a specific technology, it was designed for the best result.

  • Endurance
  • System of communication
  • Image analysis
  • Tracking a target
  • Composite structure
  • Take off and landing 100% autonomous

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Our Specific Missions

Each drone is programmed for a specific mission.


Wildlife crime is an epidemic and sweeping the planet. Illegal trafficking of wildlife is now one of the world’s largest criminal industries with far reaching effects.


One of its many applications is off-shore patrolling of fishing waters. When fitted with a high resolution multi-spectral camera.


Concerns of security and safety are increasing across the globe. This in turn is creating an exponential demand in companies looking to incorporate UAV in their security protocols.


Additional information can also be provided when integrated with EO/IR and Thermal Imaging sensors. Dangerous locations can be safely navigated.

Power and Infrastructure

Providing real time information and imagery is critical to power restoration following a storm or natural disaster.

Disaster Relief

Natural or manmade disasters create severe challenges for both emergency services and first responders. Areas with no roads and environmental challenges can appear insurmountable...

The most important goal of our research.

A vision on everything

Propose new technologies to allow our drones new missions to study and protect our society.