Established in 2005 and based in Sharjah, we are an aviation services provider focused on delivering professional aircraft lease and charter services to the following regions – Africa, Arabia, Asia and the South and Central Americas.
We, at J&V AVIATION, have been successful in serving the aviation community for almost one decade. We are committed to finding the best solution at the right price for every enquiry.
Our head office in Sharjah International Airport acts as a centre around which our outstation offices revolve – thereby extending our reach and providing our customers easy access to our range of services in their own region.
Focused on the business of Aircraft Wet Leasing and Air Chartering jointly with our partner Astral Aviation, we engage with a number of national carriers, start-up airlines, outsize and hazardous cargo movers, multinational companies, Medical Emergency and personnel evacuation clients, relief agencies, livestock transporters and high net worth individuals to meet our client requirements.


With more than 15 years of experience in the aviation industry, we, at J&V AVIATION, have become one of the global leading aviation services provider.
At the start of business in 2005, J&V AVIATION held a strategic position at the region’s aviation hub in Sharjah and began developing contacts from there. This allowed for an early progress in Wet Leasing and soon led to business opportunities in the Air Charter sector of aviation as well.
During this time, J&V AVIATION began developing a manual database of clients and operators. One decade later, with the help of our custom-made online database, dedicated team members and valuable experience in the industry, we have become the most sought-after aviation Services Company in the world.


Our objective is to be the global aviation solutions provider of reference for ‘specialist aviation solutions’ within Asia, Africa and the South and Central Americas.
With a dedicated team of aviation specialists, we, at J&V AVIATION, aim to provide our clients with the best solution to their aviation needs, using a consultative approach, out of the box thinking and with the backing of more than 15 years aviation operations experience.
We are not an airline. We are one of the most popular Air Charter Service companies in the global aviation market for Africa and Central America for providing comprehensive Chartering and ACMI/Wet Leasing options.
As a leading air charter services provider, we pride ourselves on our ability to charter flights for clients at short notice to all parts of the world.
Specializing in Jets, Cargo aircraft, Medevac, Aircraft and Helicopter for various situations around the world, J&V AVIATION has been serving clients for almost 10 years.