We’ll find it for you! AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM will subject your needs to the most meticulous analysis so as to determine the type of aircraft best suited to your needs. We will take into account anticipated usage and expected workload, as well, of course, as your budgetary goals. We will study the market’s potential to satisfy the body of your personal or corporate needs, in budgetary and technical matters. With AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM S.A., you sidestep the tedious burden of shopping, and armed with judiciously and professionally targeted data, you will be afforded the opportunity to make a clear-headed decision.


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Astral Aviation

Astral Aviation is a licensed cargo airline that acquired its Air Operators Certificate (AoC) and Air Service License (ASL) from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority in the year 2001, and was subsequently designated as a cargo airline, by the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Kenya in November 2006.

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JV Aviation FZC

Established in 2005 and based in Sharjah, we are an aviation services provider focused on delivering professional aircraft lease and charter services to the following regions – Africa, Arabia, Asia and the South and Central Americas.

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AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM is organized to offer clients an alternate technical resource.

International Organization

AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM is organized to offer clients an alternate technical resource specializing in commercial aviation and was incorporated in Europe in 2002 as the parent company.

International Network

AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM is in close contact with any parties liable to answer your needs; they are familiar with the market, and put their international network to work for the benefit of both buyer and seller.

Selecting an Aircraft

Upon identifying your needs AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM will select for you the best aircraft for your operations and travel

Special Projects

AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM is particularly skilful in the analysis and realisation of special projects.

Strategic Approaches

For AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM, the sale and purchase of an aircraft are daily activities. We are therefore familiar with the ins and outs of such transactions.

Mechanical Inspection

Once you have chosen your aircraft, AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM will supervise the complete mechanical inspection, which will be performed by accredited mechanics.